Antiques appraisal session held in Stawell

STAWELL - Stawell Biarri Group for Genealogy once again conducted a successful antiques appraisal session at the Stawell Library.

The annual event has been running for more than 10 years and this year attracted one of its best crowds, with a large number of people from around the region bringing with them everything from silver trophies from the 1800s to kerosene powered lanterns..

Antiques dealer and auctioneer Bruce Lowenthal from Portland was on hand once again to asses and deliver the value of each item.

A total of 120 items were appraised on the day, including two regulars who brought along with them 12 items each.

The session ran from 10am to 4pm, with organisers receiving positive feedback from all who attended.

"Some of the items presented could have come straight from a museum," Wendy Sanderson from the Stawell Biarri Group for Genealogy said.

"Items appraised included jewellery, badges, medals, old postcards, dolls, signage, chinaware, furniture, paintings and much more."

Some of the interesting items presented on the day included an 1850s miners cradle from the Stawell area, handed down through the family.

Mr Lowenthal said it was a very rare item, with not many left from that era and most people only get to see them in museums. The item was valued at $1000.

A large multi coloured metal sign advertising Coopers Dipping Powder was also brought in.

The sign had belonged to the father of the current owner.

Ms Sanderson said the owner's wife thought he may have been wasting his time bringing it in to be appraised but was delighted to hear that it was worth between $1500 to $2000.

During the appraisals Mr Lowenthal spoke about each of the items and their origins before giving a value.

"The value of the items ranged from $25 to $2500 and the items presented were from all around the globe including England, America, Europe, Asia and Australia," Ms Sanderson said.

"There were even some made right here in Stawell including a composition doll that was made at the Trio doll factory that was located in St George Street. It was valued at $300."

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