Fire danger period is now over

The Fire Danger Period finished officially at 1am today in both the Northern Grampians and Ararat municipalities.

The fire danger period ended for a number of municipalities in the region, including Horsham Rural City Council, West Wimmera Shire Council, Northern Grampians Shire Council, Ararat Rural City Council, Pyrenees Shire Council, Ballarat City Council, Golden Plains Shire Council, Moorabool Shire Council and Hepburn Shire Council.

Fire Danger Periods are based on local conditions and take into account fuel moistures, fuel loads, grassland curing, weather and rainfall. They are a seasonal declaration.

Information about Fire Restrictions is available in CFA's Can I or Can't I brochure or by phoning the

Victorian Bushfire Information Line (VBIL) on 1800 240 667.

Although the fire danger period is ending, it is important the community take extreme care when burning off.

If a fire is left unattended in windy conditions it can spread quickly and can burn into bushland or onto neighbours' properties.

People should do the following before conducting any burn off:

Check local by-laws before burning off.

Never leave a burnoff unattended.

Tell your neighbours and call the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) on 1800 668 511 so that brigades don't get called out to burnoffs unnecessarily.

Check the weather forecast before you burnoff - never burnoff in dry, hot, windy conditions.

CFA Grampians Regional Commander Phil Beasley said although the official Fire Danger Period is coming to a close the recent grassfires demonstrated how quickly fires could take hold.

"Grassfires travel faster than you can run. They can threaten properties and even kill," he said.

"People should have a fire plan and prepare for the event of fire - never be complacent."

To download a Fire Ready Kit, complete the Household Bushfire Self Assessment, or find the location of Fire Ready meetings in your area visit CFA's website - or call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667.

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