Students dress in orange for Harmony Day

Students at St Patrick's Primary School dressed in orange to celebrate Harmony Day.

All of the classrooms were transformed into different countries. For each country a different person attended the school to speak to students about the foods, money, clothes and culture of their country of origin.

All of the students spent their morning travelling to different countries with their new passports, led by the grade five and six students.

While the students had ordered a hotdog or party pie to fill their appetite, the parents and friends enjoyed many different foods that they may not have had the opportunity to taste in the past.

Maryanne Nellthorp was instrumental in coordinating the whole day. Her relentless organisational skills kept everyone informed and up to speed with the structure of the magnificent meal that was prepared for the day by parents, who proudly cooked amazing food from their country. The gastronomical delights that they created were amazing and very much enjoyed by all.

Chefs and their helpers were Joy Obi, Sharmeen Rasheed, Giovanna Monaghan-Angelats, Shanthi Mani, Daya Saravanamuti, Nadeera Jayasinghe, Sue Goodinge, Trish Martin, Katherine Comitti, Sarah Harrison, Vijitha Kandeeban, Vanessa O'Donohue, Anecta Sanjay, Cherie Mellor and Jenny Stevens.

During Harmony Day celebrations, Joy Obi informed the students about many interesting aspects of Nigeria. Sharmeen Rasheed educated the students about the country she came from and displayed handicrafts and traditional clothing from Pakistan.

Naderra Jayasinghe proudly presented many interesting facts to the students about Sri Lanka and she also encouraged students to dress up in some traditional costume. Nadeera was ably helped by Daya Saravanamut and Anecta Sanjay. Somnath Sakthisekeran took a morning off work to enlighten us with the magic of India.

Giovanna Monaghan-Angelats showed the students many different artifacts that she had on display from Peru, then she led the students in an interesting traditional dance.

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