Stawell challengers take on Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder, an obstacle course that may be the most gruelling test of physical and mental strength was completed by Stawell residents.

Jaiden Bach, Sue Honeyman, Jake Atkins, James Lawrie and Sarah Morris met the challenge of Tough Mudder head on when they took a trip to Phillip Island to complete the 18 stage event.

Tough Mudder is an obstacle course that stretches over 20 kilometres and has 18 stages and is now in its fifth year at Phillip Island.

Stages include anything from carrying objects, climbing frames, swinging on bars, but most importantly, mud.

Competitors swim through mud in the early stages and are then forced to complete the event with the additional weight of the mud, both on their body and in their clothes.

Bach and long time friend Morris decided to compete in the event after being encouraged by Morris' aunty Michelle, who thought that it was a good idea to register.

Michelle McAuley is formerly a resident of Stawell who also took part.

Like most of the first time mudders, Bach and Morris didn't know what to expect.

"The main goal of all of us was simply to finish," Jaiden Bach said.

Statistics show that only 78% of competitors successfully complete the event and with it almost impossible to do as an individual most people opt to complete it in teams.

"Looking back now, there wasn't any way that we couldn't finish. The amount of teamwork, not only from our little team, but from every single person that participated, was outstanding," Bach said.

Tough Mudder ambassador and celebrity personal trainer Lee Campbell, who grew up in Stawell, has spent the majority of his life in the health and fitness industry and believes this is one of the toughest fitness events.

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