Gift Shooters through to final

Gift Shooters and a Frew Good Men have booked their spot in the Stawell Eight Ball Association grand finals.

Both teams secured their grand final position when they were victorious in their games last week.

In A grade Shooters got through their first final comfortably winning eight of the 12 games against the Cues.

Once a result is settled the remaining matches are abandoned and this was the case with the last three games of this match up.

Chris Pascall and Brae McDonald won each of their three games for Gift Shooters and Zach Blachford was well on his way to an undefeated night winning his first two matches before his third match was discarded.

The final score saw Gift Shooters eight defeating Cues four.

Brix Bandits remain in the competition at least for another week, after their elimination final win over Gift.

Brix Bandits got off to a strong start, winning five of the opening six games.

Gift fought back in the doubles, but in similar fashion to the other finals match, the last three games were not played.

Brix Bandits were triumphant eight games to Gift's four.

In B grade the games were much closer with a Frew Good Men winning in the last game of the night over D'Gaf.

The scores were tied at seven apiece with the one game remaining.

Justin Keilar held his nerve to win and see Frew Good Men into the grand final with an 8-7 victory.

Never Hammered's season came to an end when they lost to Nash Naturals six games to eight.

Preliminary Finals 26/3/14

A Grade

Cues vs Brix Bandits at The Gift

B Grade

D'Gaf vs Nash Naturals at The Brix


A Grade

Gift Shooters 8 def Cues 4

C Pascal def M Tyers, J Lewis def S Blachford, B McDonald def D Digney, A Kilpatrick lost to Z Blachford, S Baker def J Atkins, G Cooney def by M Newton, C Pascal B McDonald def M Tyers M Newton, J Lewis G Cooney lost to D Digney Z Blachford, A Kilpatrick S Baker def S Blachford J Atkins, C Pascal def J Atkins, J Lewis lost to D Digney, B McDonald def M Netwon.

Brix Bandits 8 def Gift 4

G Alborough lost to J Cannata, F Rizzo def by C Gallagher, D Goodinge lost to G Milojevic, R Pickering lost to A Clark, R Ross def by W Simms, G Mussett def C Simms, G Alborough J Graham lost to J Cannata C Simms, F Rizzo R Pickering def A Clark W Simms, T Molan G Mussett def C Gallagher, F Rizzo lost to J Cannata, R Ross def G Milojevis, T Molan lost to C Gallagher.

B Grade

D'Gaf 7 lost to A Frew Good Men 8

S Nolty def B Disher, M Taylor lost to B Coverdale, S Hayward lost to T Quick, J Keilar lost to D Troutback, G Elliot def G Jamison, A Elliot def A Potter, S Nolty G Elliot def B Disher B Coverdale, A Elliott W Cameron def T Quick D Troutback, M Taylor J Keilar lost to G Jamison A Potter, S Nolty B Coverdale, M Taylor lost to T Quick, A Elliot def A Potter, G Elliott D Troutback, S Hayward lost to G Jamison, J Keilar def B Disher.

Never Hammered 6 lost to Nash Naturals 8

I Notting def by B Parcell, D Turner def J Bunn, A Notting lost to B Dougal, W Oostihuizen def J Carrol, S Glanvill def M Raeburn, J Gilbert def S Sharma, D Turner W Oostihuizen lost to J Bunn J Carrol, A Notting S Glanvill lost to B Dougall S Sharm, I Notting J Gilbert def B Parcell M Percival, I Notting def by M Percival, W Oostihuizen lost to J Bunn, D Turner def B Parcell, S Glanvill lost to B Dougall, J Gilbert lost to M Raeburn.

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