Navarre takes on Lexton in opening round

Navarre Grasshoppers will host Lexton for the opening round of the Maryborough Castlemaine District Football Netball League season.

Navarre will relish the opportunity to take on the Tigers in a replay of last year's grand final.

The road for the Grasshopper is very up and down with most rounds swapping from home games to away which will make it harder for them to settle.

The interleague match will be scheduled for May 24 at Princess Park, Maryborough.

Navarre will feature in two Sunday games for the year in round four against Campbells Creek and again in round ten against Newstead.

A split round will also be in force for round 14, as there is no byes this will allow players to freshen up before they embark on the pointy end of the season and finals

MCDFL Fixture

Round 1

April 12

Navarre v Lexton

Talbot v Maldon

Dunolly v Trentham

Campbells Creek v Harcourt

Carisbrook v Newstead

April 13

Avoca v Natte Bealiba

Maryborough Rovers v Royal Park

Round 2

April 25

Trentham v Maryborough Rovers

April 26

Newstead v Avoca

Campbells Creek v Talbot

Natte Bealiba v Carisbrook

Royal Park v Maldon

Harcourt v Navarre

April 27

Lexton v Dunolly

Round 3

May 3

Avoca v Lexton

Royal Park v Campbells Creek

Dunolly v Newstead

Navarre v Talbot

Maryborough Rovers v Natte Bealiba

Carisbrook v Harcourt

May 4

Maldon v Trentham

Round 4

May 10

Harcourt v Avoca

Talbot v Carisbrook

Natte Bealiba v Dunolly

Lexton v Maldon

Maryborough Rovers v Newstead

Trentham v Royal Park

May 11

Campbells Creek v Navarre

Round 5

May 17

Dunolly v Harcourt

Avoca v Campbells Creek

Trentham v Talbot

Maldon v Newstead

Lexton v Maryborough Rovers

Royal Park v Natte Bealiba

Carisbrook v Navarre

Round 6

May 31

Navarre v Avoca

Campbells Creek v Dunolly

Maldon v Carisbrook

Harcourt v Maryborough Rovers

Talbot v Lexton

Natte Bealiba v Trentham

Newstead v Royal Park

Round 7

June 14

Avoca v Carisbrook

Maryborough Rovers v Campbells Creek

Dunolly v Navarre

Trentham v Newstead

Royal Park v Lexton

June 15

Harcourt v Maldon

Natte Bealiba v Talbot

Round 8

June 21

Talbot v Avoca

Campbells Creek v Maldon

Carisbrook v Dunolly

Royal Park v Harcourt

Lexton v Trentham

Navarre v Maryborough Rovers

Newstead v Natte Bealiba

Round 9

June 28

Carisbrook v Maryborough Rovers

Natte Bealiba v Lexton

Maldon v Navarre

Trentham v Harcourt

Talbot v Royal Park

June 29

Newstead v Campbells Creek

Dunolly v Avoca

Round 10

July 5

Avoca v Trentham

Campbells Creek v Carisbrook

Dunolly v Royal Park

Maldon v Natte Bealiba

Maryborough Rovers v Talbot

July 6

Harcourt v Lexton

Navarre v Newstead

Round 11

July 12

Avoca v Maldon

Lexton v Campbells Creek

Maryborough Rovers v Dunolly

Royal Park v Navarre

Newstead v Talbot

Natte Bealiba v Harcourt

July 13

Trentham v Carisbrook

Round 12

July 19

Newstead v Maryborough Rovers

Trentham v Natte Bealiba

Navarre v Campbells Creek

Maldon v Dunolly

Carisbrook v Avoca

Lexton v Royal Park

July 20

Talbot v Harcourt

Round 13

July 26

Avoca v Royal Park

Campbells Creek v Trentham

Dunolly v Talbot

Harcourt v Newstead

Maryborough Rovers v Maldon

Natte Bealiba v Navarre

July 27

Carisbrook v Lexton

Round 14

August 2

Natte Bealiba v Avoca

Maldon v Campbells Creek

Newstead v Carisbrook

August 9

Harcourt v Dunolly

Maryborough Rovers v Lexton

Trentham v Navarre

Royal Park v Talbot

Round 15

August 16

Lexton v Avoca

Dunolly v Campbells Creek

Harcourt v Carisbrook

Navarre v Maldon

Talbot v Natte Bealiba

Newstead v Trentham

August 17

Royal Park v Maryborough Rovers

Round 16

August 23

Avoca v Maryborough Rovers

Campbells Creek v Natte Bealiba

Carisbrook v Royal Park

Navarre v Dunolly

Maldon v Harcourt

Lexton v Newstead

Talbot v Trentham


August 30

5th v 8th


August 31

1st v 4th

2nd v 3rd


September 6

Winner Match 1 v Loser Match 3

Winner Match 2 v Loser Match 4


September 13

Winner Match 3 v Winner Match 6

Winner Match 4 v Winner Match 5


September 21

Winner Match 7 v Winner Match 8

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