Motorcyclists urged to wear protective clothing

A Victorian motorcyclist who credits protective riding gear with saving his life has issued a warning to riders as new research showed many were still riding unprotected.

David Gibb, 50, said he hoped his brush with tragedy would help convince others of the need to wear full protective gear.

David was on a short ride near his Coburg home in June 2008, when a car unexpectedly turned in front of him, smashing into the front of his bike.

The accident sent him somersaulting and sliding on his back for 50 metres, leaving him with a broken leg and a hole burnt in his helmet, but no marks on his skin.

"When the police arrived on the scene and saw me with a broken leg, the first thing they said was: 'Thank God you're wearing full leathers'. They saved my life," Mr Gibb said.

"I'd watched a Transport Accident Commission ad a month earlier where a doctor was picking denim out of a crash victim's wounds, so I went out and bought full leathers straight away. All riders should wear them, no matter how hot it is outside," he said.

Mr Gibb spoke out as the TAC released the findings of new research looking at the behaviours and attitudes of Victorian motorcyclists.

The research revealed the use of protective gear by motorcyclists had increased but it also showed that more than half were not wearing the full kit (helmet, gloves, boots, pants, jacket or one-piece) when riding.

The latest TAC Motorcycle Monitor has revealed a 14 per cent increase in riders wearing protective pants. Only 43 per cent of riders reported always wearing a complete set of gear when they ride, up from 32 per cent in 2012.

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