Cato Lake final flood works

STAWELL - Work is currently underway on the final stages of flood recovery works at Cato Park.

The eastern bank of the lake was badly undercut and eroded after the December 2011 floods, creating an unsafe edge and drop off when the lake is full.

To repair the damaged lake edge and protect it in future floods, Northern Grampians Shire Council is creating a permanent edge with a concrete brick along the damaged side.

This will also provide a definitive edge line for lake users.

Stawell's Cato Park is looking a picture of health in recent times with ongoing maintenance to ensure it continues to thrive.

The park and gardens have received nation wide recognition with several awards for the innovative and unique 'Stawell Steps/Monash Steps' creation which was constructed in partnership with students from Monash University as a piece of flood mitigation infrastructure.

Stawell Steps incorporates two engineer-designed spillways aimed at diverting flood water away from properties and the Stawell Bowling Club which neighbour Cato Park.

The spillways were a necessary flood mitigation project, but Stawell Steps also became an architecturally designed structure linking the two spillways with a stepped structure made from bricks.

It has now become a functional and architectural community asset constructed from locally made bricks acting as a meeting space and sculptural feature of the park.

It also includes a fully accessible area suitable for wheelchairs.

The Steps were designed and built by 20 Monash architecture students under the guidance of their professor Nigel Bertram and Japanese architect Hiroshi Nakao and with the hands-on expertise of local retired tradesmen and council staff.

During the construction phase, the students spent five weeks living and working in Stawell.

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