Racquetball resumes Monday night

STAWELL - The Stawell Racquetball Association was faced with the unusual dilemma of having to decide between adding an extra grade or forcing two teams to take a weekly bye after receiving bumper numbers at grading for its Monday night mixed competition.

Forty people have expressed their interest, meaning there will be five players in each of the eight teams.

The only other option was to have ten teams of four, which would have meant two teams having to sit out each Monday night with a bye.

It has also been decided that play will no longer be suspended during school holidays, only breaking for public holidays in March and June as well as Easter Monday.

The extension of the season will allow for 14 rounds of competition to be followed by three weeks of finals including the grand final on Monday, June 23.

The first round of matches will be played Monday night at the Stawell Leisure Complex from 7pm.

Teams -

Everton: Gavin Orr, Ben Kimber, Aaron Dalziel, Sue Monaghan, Lachie Donovan. 

Totenham: David Kaczynski, Carl Barry, Tracy Ranton, Moyan Cahill, Sharyn Hateley. 

Chelsea: Jo Orr, Denis Monaghan, Greg Gorter, Deb Moloney, Kathy McClintock. 

West Ham: Jason Hosemans, Dustin Barry, Gary Bloomfield, Giavanna Monaghan, Jeanette Bassett. 

Manchester United: Dale Smith, Matt Monaghan, Liam Farrell, Sharon Trimble, Taki Haamid. 

Liverpool: Sean Arnfield, David Moloney, Judy McNeight, Winston Grant, Nicole Dixon. 

Arsenal: Claire Monaghan, Ben Wallace, Wayne Smith, Mandi Hancock, Daniel Gurney.

Manchester City: Damien Dowling, David Coe, Anna Sullivan, Marcelo Sanchez, Roxanne Moos.

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