Alan Fry's dedication honoured

STAWELL - Alan Fry's commitment to the Stawell Bowling Club was again honoured with the staging of the third annual Alan Fry Tournament.

Alan Fry, who is well into his eighties, gave up bowling three years ago due to illness, but has been a member at the Stawell Bowling Club for many years.

Since retiring from the game he began sponsoring the day to ensure he remains a part of the club.

"He is past bowling now, but is such a loyal member. He's always around the club watching," club member Carmel Loats said.

Winners of the Alan Fry event were Bob and Gwen Power on 87 points.

In second place were Bruce Blenheim, Margaret Puddy and Ellen Werry with 77 points and finishing in third position were Rob McGregor, Tony Batchelor and Rob Maconachie on 68 points.

After an overall successful day for Alan and the bowlers, Carmel Loats said she was looking forward to this year's event already.

"It's a great day to be involved in celebrating what Alan has done for bowls in Stawell," she said.

Monday Pennant was played until 12.00 noon, but was forced to be cancelled due to the heat policy. Therefore there were no results.

However, bowlers were back on the greens in force over the past week in cooler weather.

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