Stawell businesses handle the heat

STAWELL - Businesses have escaped the affects of this week's heatwave with indications sales and interest has been no different to what is expected for this time of year.

Gold Reef Clothing manager Brenton Potter said his business has coped with demand except for selling out of some Sun Smart stock including straw hats.

"Sales as a whole have been pretty good, the hot days definitely affect us but in saying that we get really busy in the mornings before the heat sets in and then the afternoons are quiet so it evens out," he said.

"We've found a lot more people coming in this time of year are tourists from Lake Fyans and even Halls Gap which is good.

"So far we've been pretty lucky with keeping summer stock in, although we've had trouble with sun smart stuff like straw hats, we've completely ran out of straw hats - not just us as a business but as a company."

Lyal Eales' Linda Hunter said the weather has little affect on their business which caters for people all year round.

"Our store is pretty consistent because what we have in stock doesn't really change season to season, it's just a matter of putting it out when the time suits," she said.

"We find the mornings to be busy, people come into the shop just to browse not really looking for anything but to just enjoy the air conditioned shop. So looking at it from that aspect the heat helps."

Sports Power's Robyn Young said sales remain consistent with people buying 'anything and everything'. 

"It is surprisingly still busy, when it reaches 40 degrees you'd expect it to be dead quiet but people are still coming in," she said.

"Most people would expect it to be hectic in the mornings and quiet in the afternoons but we have kept reasonably busy over the course of the day."

The Stawell Leisure Complex Outdoor Pool has been a popular place for those game enough to venture outside the comfort of an air-conditioned home or workplace. 

Northern Grampians Shire Council Acting Manager Community Sustainability - Tony Dark said extended pool opening hours have depended on patronage.

"The outdoor pool will be open for extended hours in extreme heat dependent upon patronage. Staff are monitoring numbers and will keep the pool open beyond the normal hours of 7pm where appropriate," he said.

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