Little athletes running hot

Numbers were down for the Stawell Little Athletics Centre's final competition prior to the North Park track re-opening.

Cold and wet weather and the option of seeing the Christmas Tree lighting up at the Town Hall meant that there weren't many participants for the weekly event at the Stawell Secondary College.

It was evident though in those who attended that there was reward for effort.

Almost each athlete received a Personal Best star certificate from McDonald's Stawell for their efforts the previous week.

The dedication of these athletes was there again in their slick performances during the night's event.

Under six athlete Sophie Hutton made the most of the night claiming three personal best performances in 70 metres, 100 metres and shot put.

Under 11 girl athlete Hayley Little mirrored this effort of three personal bests, taking a huge 1.5 seconds off her previous best 70 metre time.

Taylah Pearce, Clara Thompson, Atalia Chaplin and Sarah Little all picked up two personal bests. Atalia also sliced 1.5 seconds off her personal best for the 70 metres which gives every indication that by the end of the season the club record could be in danger.

While it has been good Stawell Little Athletics Centre has been able to set up a temporary home at the Stawell Secondary College for the start of the season, there is no place like home.

There is a lot of anticipation for the next competition at North Park on December 5, when the youngsters get to have their first run on the repaired North Park athletic track surface.

For all athletes this will be the best surface they have had at North Park for their entire career.

Times will likely improve on running on the slower grass track, but when the synthetic surface gets laid after the new year it will be a completely new experience again.

The invitation goes out to all little athletes and their families to attend North Park on Thursday night.

Under 6 Girls: Clara Thompson: 70m-19.9, 100m-29.3pb, 200mW-133.28, Shot put- 2.11pb; Sophie Hutton: 70m-16.87pb, 100m-24.21pb, shot-put- 2.11pb.

Under 7 Boys: Heath Senior: 70m-13.68, 100m-18.94, shot put-4.13.

Under 8 Girls: Lexi Collins: 70m- 15.06pb, 100m-24.21pb, 200mW-109.12pb, Shot put- 3.37.

Under 9 Girls: Taylah Pearce: 70m- 13.15pb, 100m- 20.08, Shot Put- 4.14pb.

Under 11 Girls: Hayley Little: 70m-15.05pb, 100m- 22.32pm, 400mW- 185.24pb, Shot put- 4.58; Gemma Senior: 70m- 12.88, 100m- 18.82, 400mW- 197.76, Shot put- 3.85.

Under 12 Girls: Sarah Little: 70m-14.84pb, 100m-22.18, 400mW- 200.24pb, 800m- 240+, Shot put- 5.75.

Under 13 girls: Atalia Chaplin: 70m-10.64pb, 100m-16.69pb, 400mW- 159.53pb, 800m- 219.1, Shot put: 4.38.

Under14 Boys: Hugh Carey: 70m- 11.63, 100m-15.53, 400mW-161.53pb, Shot put- 6.43.

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